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  1. Oh my goodness!!!! sooo cute! Happy Birthday little Piper! She is ADORABLE Angie! :D look at that quirky smile, that cute nose and blue eyes! :D

  2. Happy Birthday Piper!! Super cute photo. :o)

  3. How CUTE!! and borthday wishes, that photo is just simply adorable :)

  4. Oh, wow! It's been too long since I've seen her.

  5. She's beyond gorgeous! Happy birthday!

  6. I can't believe she is two! Party Hardy Pips!! I got you bows!!

  7. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Happy birthday to Piper, Angie!


  8. Such a cutie! Happy Birthday, Piper! :)

  9. *grin* Thanks, you guys. The birthday girl is fast asleep now, but she appeared to have a marvelous second birthday and we're awfully glad she's ours.

  10. Happy Belatetd Birthday! The birthday girl is gorgeous, glad she had a good day.

  11. Oh how adorable!!! Oh man, I so miss 2 with mine!!!

  12. Most definitely cute. Aww.

  13. Alexa, she keeps asking if she can have another birthday party soon...:)

    Kenda, isn't it an adorable age? I love it, too.

    Sami, hehe.

  14. Happy (belated) Birthday, Piper!!

    Best wishes and warm hugs to Piper's momma, papa nd big brother, too. Gosh, Angie, I remember clear as day the day you posted about her arrival. Time sure flies when you're in love, doesn't it? =)



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