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Queen's Thief Week

Today I'm over at Ch-ch-ch-Chachic's place losing my crap over Eugenides and Megan Whalen Turner 's Queen's Thief series in general. Chachic invited me to talk a little bit about how I've gone about convincing others to read this wonderful series, and I happily accepted. I mean, talking about talking about books? Count me in!  Bibliovangelizing is one of my very favorite pastimes and these books have caused me to indulge in quite a lot of it. This is one spectacular event Chachic's organized and the posts so far have been top notch. Do drop in and say hi , won't you?

Bibliocrack Review: Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis

I'm pretty sure I ran across Jill Shalvis as part of a list of recommendations for people who enjoy Kristan Higgins books. As that would very much be me, I decided to investigate the matter. And you know what? The woman has written an absolute crap ton of books! Where to start, where to start? I finally settled on the first book in the Lucky Harbor series, Simply Irresistible ,  as a nice little point of entry. I was encouraged by the fact that the covers and titles for this series feel like they hail from the chick lit end of the romance spectrum, and I still feel like I'm getting my feet wet, so to speak, when it comes to those genres. Several people I trust on Goodreads seemed to be keen on it, which is always a plus and an excellent indicator of where I'll fall, so hello Lucky Harbor it was. Well, I made short work of the three books currently out in this series, and I'm happily awaiting the next three on the horizon. In retrospect, I think this series is defin

Icy Pretties

The good news is these are all due out in the spring. So, not really that far away at all. The bad news is one of them is only coming out in Australia. When, oh when, will the American publishers tune in to the awesome that is Kirsty Eagar ? I refer you to my review of Raw Blue . All three look interesting to me, and I'll be searching them out come springtime for sure. Night Beach by Kirsty Eagar After falling hard and fast for  Raw Blue , I am quivering with anticipation over this upcoming release. As with its predecessor, this one looks like it involves surfing and a girl finding solace in the sea. Unlike its predecessor, it also has Gothic mystery elements. Uh-huh. Where do I sign? Due out (in Australia) April 26th. The Selection by Kiera Cass Another pretty dress, I know. Apparently I am still prey to the allure of the ruffles and the endless reflections. Ah, well. You can only grow up so fast. This is a dystopian. And though it does sound a bit like Princess Academy

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

In the mood for a cozy, post-holiday read? I suggest you give Maybe This Time a try. I first discovered Jennifer Crusie through the insanely entertaining Bet Me . I then immediately went on a Crusie binge. And though I enjoyed several of them, none quite matched up to   that first one. So I'd been kind of avoiding another Crusie read, even after hearing very positive reviews of her newest. The fact that it was categorized as a mystery/romantic suspense piqued my interest, but when I received it as a gift awhile back, I placed it on my nightstand and promptly forgot about it. Sometimes you have to wait until the right time for a certain book rolls around, you know? I've made my mistakes trying to force a book at the wrong time, and it never accomplishes anything but driving a rift between us. So I waited on this one. And the right time rolled around (as it almost always does) a few nights back. I'd been bouncing around from book to book for awhile, searching for the one

Friday Evening Stops

It's still just the first week in January and already all kinds of things are going on around the blogosphere. It's these kinds of things that remind me it's okay that the holidays are over and good things will certainly come this year. Starting with these three: First off, I wanted to be sure to point out that today is the last day to download Magic Gifts --the free Kate Daniels novella that Ilona Andrews gave as a Christmas gift to the fans. Best idea in the world, if you ask me. I've read it and loved it and you will, too. So scoot on over and download it before it's gone! Next up, I would be remiss if I didn't direct you to the screamingest Kindle book deal around. Linda Gillard 's fabulous Emotional Geology is now available on Kindle for a mere 99 cents! This is my favorite of all of Linda's wonderful books. Previously out of print, you do not want to miss this one. My review here . Lastly, I'm going to be taking part in an

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

I read  The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight  by Christmas tree light in one blissful chunk. I fell in love with the cover awhile back, because, well, love the font and the red on black and white, and the blessed not-a-single-word title. Honestly, they're few and far between these days, and they always snag my attention as a result. But I knew very little about it otherwise. Nevertheless, when it became available on NetGalley , I went ahead and downloaded it to my nook. I figured it looked to be a nice, sweet way to kick off the new year. A light romance about two  kids who meet in an airport? I tend to get a bit anxious, a bit maudlin come the end of the holidays and the beginning of a new year. So it sounded like a perfect January read to me. Of course, I let it sit there for a bit, trying to finish up a few end-of-year reads. And then one late afternoon I found myself with a couple of hours to kill. I'm not sure what combination of stars aligned to create tha