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Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Better late than never, right? I've got good excuses, though. Had a baby. Was reading it aloud with DH . Snatching moments to read whenever and wherever we get the picture. The problem is, what to say now that I finally finished it. Because the truth is the real reason it took me so long to reach the end is that it was....well....boring. Not just the ending, which was utterly lacking in anything resembling a climax, but the entire story. By the end of Book Two I had been sapped of the will to live. Let alone the will to care about the characters anymore. So, yeah. I'm sitting here feeling a bit betrayed and a bit disappointed. But mostly I'm mystified. I sat there shaking my head throughout the entire third book, my brow furrowed, one sentence on an endless loop in my head, "Wh-, wh-, what happened?" To Bella who was first and foremost an everygirl and not a superhero. To Edward who was vivid and dangerous and not a mere vehicle for exposition. To Jaco

Wanderlust Contest

Interested in winning $200 in free books from your choice of bookstores? Hop on over to Ann Aguirre's blog and enter the contest. All you have to do is purchase her new novel, Wanderlust , featuring Sirantha Jax of Grimspace fame and enter your order or transaction number as a comment on her blog. You definitely want to pick this one up. As of this post, I'm 50 pages in and completely absorbed. Enjoy!

Underground by Kat Richardson

Okay, this series continues to entertain me much more than I initially expected it to. I was so pleased to get a copy of Underground for my birthday and I immediately dived right in. It picks up shortly after the events of Poltergeist and Harper is still dealing both physically and emotionally with the fallout from her ghostbusting stint. Things with tall, blond, and lanky Will are less than stellar and distraction comes in the form of Harper's mysterious friend Quinton who shows up on her doorstep demanding she investigate a rather gruesomely dead body he ran across on the train tracks. It's not the first dead body to be found in a similar state in recent weeks and Harper and Quinton discover up close and personally that it won't be the last either. Together they traipse through the uncanny city underneath Seattle's streets in search of a mythical monster who may or may not be eating the city's homeless and may or may not be controlled by an ancient Native Ameri

True Blood Trailer

Here's the trailer for HBO's True Blood series based on Charlaine Harris 's Sookie Stackhouse books . The show stars Anna Paquin as Sookie and premieres September 7th. If you're a Sookie fan, I want to hear what you think of this sneak peek.

Chalice Sneak Peek

Robin McKinley has posted a sneak peek at the first chapter of Chalice over at her blog . And it's a nice, juicy peek. Enjoy here.

Piper Jenny