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Crooked Kingdom Cover

I am placing this here because I cannot tell you how excited I am for its release. And because if you haven't read Six of Crows yet, now is nothing if not the time. September 22nd is still a distressingly long way off. But this cover, you guys. This Crooked Kingdom . Will the pages be edged in black like its companion? Or will they be blood red?  Kaz. Inej . Tell me it's gonna be all right. 

A Purely Subjective & Entirely Moody List of Valentine's Reads I am an emphatically  moody reader these days, guys. I know it can drive my close associates out of their minds (and rightly so), because handing me a book to read can often sometimes be the death knell on me ever actually reading it. It's an inexplicable and a tiresome truth, but unfortunately it's a real one. And so lately I've been thinking about what influences my moods. Some of it is seasonal, to be sure. Much of it is literally how a single day went before I was finally able to drag my tired body into bed and settle in to read myself into a better mood. With Valentine's Day approaching, I've been casting about for the right thing. Who knows what I'll be feeling like tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday? And so I've come up with a number of possibilities to fit this moment in time's particular moody bill. The truth is, I could likely sit down with any one of these this weekend. They are all lovely and

The Door in the Wardrobe, or Angie's Gateway Books

A week or so ago, my dear friend Chachic wrote a delightful post on her top ten gateway books . Ever since, I've been musing over which books would make up my own list. I'm a huge believer in the notion of gateway books—those marvelous titles that find their way into your life and wind up serving as your successful  point of entry into an entirely new genre. In my mind, they're the door in the back of the wardrobe leading to Narnia. Appropriately, the first book on my list is unquestionably  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe , sent to me by my aunt when I was ten and about to embark anxiously on my own unknown . So here is my list, and as I look at it my mind shies away from the thought of having never discovered even a single one of them. Where possible, I've tried to include the cover of the edition that I first read. Please share one or ten of yours in the comments! Fantasy The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe   by C.S. Lewis The line that hooked me: