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YAckety YAck

Remember awhile back when I posted the rants and raves proceedings of my Super Secret Book Group's take on The Fault in Our Stars? Well, we've got shiny new digs now, and our latest YAck is up. This month we digested Laini Taylor's lauded Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and the results were interesting to say the least. I held off on reviewing this one back when I originally read it because my emotions . . . they were complex. The YAckers read was the perfect opportunity to process them. So if you're looking for a diversion, drop on by and find out why the angelfatuation rubbed me seven kinds of wrong, who ate it up with a spoon, who was conflicted, and whether or not I was "the lone downer" as Donna put it.


  1. Definitely following the YAckers escapades!

  2. I have a "lone downer" sign if you want to borrow it. I can make copies.

    1. Donna, I'll take two. One for me and one to hand out when the occasion requires.

  3. Just read over there. While I did end up liking the book, the instalove thing got to me too. I know there was a justification for it, but still, I didn't find Akiva a compelling love interest.

    1. Emilia, in general instalove bugs me. It can work in some cases, but this was sadly not one of them. He wasn't compelling. He should never have fallen for her.

  4. Hah, lone downer. I definitely have to laugh a little at that.

    1. April, laugh it up fuzzball. ;)

  5. I've definitely been the lone downer on certain books, but I loved this one.

    1. I know you did! It makes me feel worse. I don't know what happened but I fell out of love along the way.


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