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In Which I am Rather Fond of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries

I put off watching this modern web series adaptation of Pride and Prejudice for a long time. I think they had already aired around 70 or so episodes when I finally caved and watched the first one. At a scant three minutes and twenty seconds, it wasn't enough to hook me per se. But it was enough to whet my appetite. And so I pressed on and met impossibly adorbs Jane, too legit to quit Lydia, sweet as apple pie Bing, slick as a whistle Wicks, and, yes--some 50 odd episodes down the line--Darcy himself. And I have to say . . . I'm rather fond of the lot of them. I may be wildly a teensy bit partial to Lydia (who completely steals the show) and yeah, okay, to Darcy (who is just beautifully awkward). The series actually branches out across several social media forums and includes the abbreviated, but fabulous spin-offs The Lydia Bennet and Pemberly Digital, thereby highlighting the real genius of the adaptation. All signs point to the entire series wrapping up at an even 100 episodes (only six more to go, whatever will I do when it's through). But if you haven't given The Lizzie Bennet Diaries a shot yet, now might just be the perfect time. And if you have, do you like? Do you love? Do you lose whole swaths of your day perusing the LBD delights on Tumblr? And what's your favorite ep so far? I'm a sucker for this one:

I think it's to do with his "costume."


  1. I LOVE The LBD! I started watching from the very beginning, real life got in the way through much of the first half, until Darcy appeared. And the rest, as they say, is history! :)

    Oh my, do I ever spend hours and hours on the delightful tumblr creations. But we won't mention how it's taken over my life. Oh no, I never spend entire evenings on tumblr. Not me. ;P

    I absolutely delight in the sisterly and friendshippy relationships on this show. They've done a fabulous job at those. I've always been an Austen fangirl, but not so much a Lydia fan. Until MKW, who is all things awesome! :D

    As for a fave episode? I'd have to agree with you. #80 is probably the most replayed for me. (But entirely too much time have I spent replaying and watching each character. In fact, I will replay just to watch one character and then replay again to watch the other character and so on and so forth. All the nuances and expressions have to be caught for each one! I also thank tumblr for helping with this.)

    Okay, sorry for the long comment. Obviously I'm crazy about this show and will definitely miss it once it's over! :( But what a ride! :)

    1. Yeah, things really picked up steam once Darcy finally appeared on the scene, didn't they? Lol.

      I haven't fallen down the rabbit hole that is Tumblr too badly, but my there are so many awesome things floating around there. Mostly, I rewatch my couple of favorite episodes and grin to myself.

      The Lydia arc is the best part of the entire thing. I am SO glad they decided to explore that aspect of the story, and particularly her relationships with her sisters in that way. Brilliant. My other fave episode is the last Lydia one -- Good Enough. Guh. Ah-may-zing.

  2. We all knew you'd join us eventually! I'm such a huge fan of Lydia in this version, and for a while there I was more invested in her story than I was in Lizzie's. Love adorably awkward Darcy too, I wasn't sure I was going to like him after his first appearance, but he's totally won me over. I'm really excited to see what adaptation they plan to do can it possibly be as good as this one?!

    1. I suppose there was never any doubt. The truth is, outside of her actual interactions with Darcy, I'm still more invested in Lydia's story. Her stuff with Wickham was so great/painful. I ran cool with Darcy early on, but he won me over as well. Wish there was more with him. Have they said anything about their next project?

  3. Lizzy8:57 PM

    I was wondering when you'd find these! At first I didn't fall in love with it. I actually thought they were a bit boring, and although the whole vlog thing and different social media aspects is, as you said, brilliant, I thought something was lost in never seeing events played out. We always hear it from Lizzy, and lots of Austen's wit is lost with the lack of her original dialogue. But once Lizzie got to Pemberly, things picked up and now I watch them regularly (not surprising, since Pemberly is always my favorite part in the book and movies). I also had Lizzie Bennet's character...I know we're suppose to be exercising a willing suspension of disbelief here, but I don't see Elizabeth Bennet ever broadcasting her private life on the internet, no matter what century she's in. I keep thing the vlog format would suit Emma better...or maybe Marianne from Sense and Sensibility.

    Obviously I like the show, but I'm not madly, crazy in love with it, which many people seem to be. And you are right about Lydia--she definitely steals the show!

    1. Lol. Yeah . . .

      I felt the same as you, Lizzy. Not enamored. Pleasantly diverted at first. I've never been a huge fan of this Lizzie. She's kind of the center around which all the more interesting people revolve, if you will. I still feel that way. Though if Darcy's on screen, I'm all in. The Pemberly section was great and I wish they'd shot more Pemberly Digitals as well. I like Gigi.

      Your points re: modern Lizzie and the internet do makes sense. Emma would own a vlog, wouldn't she? Maybe they'll do another Austen adaptation next.

  4. Clearly I'm going to have to give this series a second chance.

    1. Yeah, it does not have a strong start. I considered leaving off. But the peripheral characters just shine after the initial bumps.

  5. Hehe. I just wrote part of my next blog post on LBD. :)

  6. I got into the series relatively early (around episode 20 something), but it didn't hold my interest initially. I'd forget about it for a few weeks, then get caught up.

    Anyway, though I am definitely enjoying it and watching the episodes the day that they are coming out now, I'm finding that my relationship with the series as a whole is complicated. The Domino spin-off was really weird for me. I get that they wanted to make Gigi more involved since she has a history with Wickham, but posting videos of her calling Darcy on the company blog was just not working for me. And, with the recent developments with Gigi going to promote the app, it almost seems to me like Gigi was using the drama of the Bennet sisters to promote a product. Of course, I'm not supposed to feel that way because Gigi TELLS me that she is altruistic, but there is something about it that is weird.

    But, I very much appreciate the way that Lydia was handled. I didn't always love her, and sometimes she's annoying. But, I like that she isn't brushed off by the story like in the original. I had a friend in college who really liked this idea of Wickham as an emotional manipulator and abuser and the hard road that Lydia had ahead of her. Because, let's face it, eventually she does grow up. And that would be a hard reality to face.

    So, anyway, my long answer is that I'm appreciating the web series. And I love Darcy.

    1. Yeah, definite slow start. Lizzie isn't compelling enough is the thing. But I gave myself over due to the awesomeness of their exploration of Lydia's arc. Seriously, just for that it's brilliant. I love basically everyone but Lizzie, truth be told.

      The Domino stuff worked for me. I like the inventiveness of it and I definitely appreciated them acknowledging the effect her relationship with Wickham had on her, him, and the rest of them. I guess she seems genuine to me. It's obvious Darcy indulges her and gave her free reign to test out this new technology. I also got the impression it wasn't meant to be seen externally and we as the audience are merely being allowed to view it. But I could be wrong on that.

      Basically I just want Lydia and Darcy (and oddly Wickham) on the screen at all times. ;)

  7. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I LOVE LBD! I don't know what I'm going to do when it ends. I've been watching it from almost the beginning. Hmmm. my favorite episode.

    Well, I do love ep. 60. But I actually think my favorite is ep. 79 (not sure if that is the right number) when Darcy and Lizzie meet up again and Gigi is trying to get them together. Oh and the one where Lizzie touches his arm. Basically I love the ones the most with Darcy. But I do love Charlotte a lot, too. And you are so right about Lydia stealing the show!

    1. Yeah, the thought of not having more eps to watch is a sad one. I hope they do something similar soon so we don't have to wallow too long.

      That is a good episode, Quinn. I find Gigi very endearing and am glad she gets more screen time in this adaptation.

  8. Anonymous6:34 PM

    The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is my favorite P&P adaptation! I'm so sad that it's over, although Sanditon is enjoyable. I love that episode, but I'm not sure I could pick a favorite!

    1. I haven't dipped into Sanditon yet. Still a bit sad over LBD being over. I need to get over it and watch them.


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