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Angie's 2022 Must Be Mine

 Hopes, fears. We've got them in spades these days. Today, I'm choosing hope and delicious anticipation. And so here are my most anticipated titles of 2022:

And no covers yet on these, but I'm looking forward to them just as much:
The Unselected Journals of Emma M. Lion: Vol. 6 by Beth Brower
You Were Made to be Mine by Julie Anne Long
Heartbreaker by Sarah MacLean
The Golden Enclaves by Naomi Novik
Dreamer Trilogy, #3 by Maggie Stiefvater
Cursed by Marissa Meyer

Which titles are on your list?


  1. Oh, I just added a bunch more books to my own list. :) I had trouble finding books to fit my moods last year but something about the new year has me itching to start reading all the books I didn't get to, plus looking forward to new ones. I'm choosing hope too.

    1. Huzzah! I know the feeling, Misti. And it's encouraging to hear you're feeling that urge to start reading this year. Hugs, my friend. And happy reading.

  2. Ooh, Only A Monster, Golden Enclaves, Cursed and Dreamer 3 also!

    And A River Enchanted by Rebecca Ross, Soul Taken by Patricia Briggs and whatever Ilona Andrews decides to publish next year!

    1. Yes! So much potential in all of those. I always look forward to the new Briggs and Andrews as well. A River Enchanted wasn't on my radar, so thanks for the heads up! It looks intriguing.


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