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Silver Borne Cover

This just in. Patricia Briggs has posted the cover for her upcoming fifth Mercy Thompson book--Silver Borne. I love the title and I love the cobwebby books on either side of Mercy. So what do you think? And do you have a favorite Mercy cover so far? As I've mentioned before I'm extremely partial to the cover of Blood Bound, but I do love the way she's peering over her shoulder and her awesome Mercy's Garage shirt on the cover of Iron Kissed.


  1. Oh wow, I just tweeted this cover then saw your post. So.. I always love the artwork of these covers, but not really loving how Mercy wearing very short tops and being excessively tattooed isn't in the book. It's one of those: I'm torn because on one hand, this is soooo pretty. But on the other hand.. is this objectifying or am I thinking too much about it?

  2. I can't wait for March!!

    I have loved the Bone Crossed cover the best.

  3. oh man. oh man oh man oh man. i am in love with this cover. march can't come soon enough! :o)

  4. Oh wow. That's an awesome cover.

    I love all the covers, although I do wish the artist didn't portray her with so much ink. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful! But it just doesn't match up completely with the real Mercy. Anyway... I think this just may be my favorite so far. I think she looks very feminine here and I don't know, maybe a little vulnerable, in a way? I love it.

    I guess I don't even have to add how much I cannot wait for this book, huh? ;)

  5. Janice, yes, I'm with you on that. I don't think you're overthinking it. I feel the same way. I love the covers! I really do. But it's hard to see past the fact that she would NEVER wear the things he puts her in. I think the particularly low jeans on this one bother me the most. Mercy from the neck up and waist down is pretty much awesome on every cover. And I think it's cool how the tatts change to reflect the tone of each book. But their prevalence really doesn't reflect Mercy at all. Sigh. It's hard all right.

    Mandi, the cover for BONE CROSSED is awesome! I agree. Love how she's standing with her face turned up into the rain. And the Mercy's Garage sign. :)

    Alicia, hehehe. I know! Why isn't it always just March?

    Christine, yup. Totally agree. I just wish she wore clothes more like the ones she actually wears. She's so pretty on this one and yet I love how he's kept some of the same strong facial features in each cover.

  6. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I love this cover, but I agree with you and Janice about her clothes. My favorite cover is Bone Crossed because the blue is so striking. But I think I like this one a lot because of Mercy's profile and earring. Pretty.


  7. Well, well, I love the cover for the first book "Moon Called" because it is sizzling hot(that made me buy that book after all), but "Bone crossed" is also a brilliant (and very sexy) cover in an understated way.

  8. Karen, the blue really was striking! I remember seeing it for the first time and loving it. yeah, I think I'm a sucker for profile shots. I love that about this one.

    Old Folkie, hehe. That means it did its job then! And I agree about the BC cover. It seems that one is a favorite with a lot of folks. :)

  9. This is a fantastic cover. I really like Blood Bound too. I think she's getting prettier in each cover!

  10. Liza, it really is. So pretty! And she does get more and more attractive with each one. Or maybe, like Adam, we just love her more. :)

  11. Great great great cover! Bone Crossed is still my favorite though, but this is a close second! I love the ink, although, eh, it's not Mercy. I wish covers portrayed their characters better, but oh well!

    Thanks for posting :)

  12. Jenni, I really do love it more each time I look at it. And we have another BONE CROSSED fan! It really is superb. It's the combination of the clothes and ink that really make it NOT Mercy. What, you mean we readers can't have it all?! :)

  13. I like Blood Bounds tattoos but I like Bone Crossed model girl. Shes a bit more voluptuous and that is how I picture Mercy. Every cover gives clues as to what is going to happen in the book. On Bone Crossed shes at her garage and her tattoos took like demons and monsters. On Blood Bound there is bats all around and on her. If you look at Silver Borne her tattoos could equate to dealing with wolves and vampires. I personally think its choosing between Stephan and Adam or there is going to be a lot more drama with them because their is roses, wolves, and bats. And its called Silver Borne so it could mean dealing with Fae or Werewolves being hurt or some how someone being bonded with Stephan. And what about the cobwebbed books and the cabin. Maybe Mercy will find out more about her father. Its killing me! I can't wait to read it. And, I have a feeling Sam will get together with some type of fae or some other unknown creature.

  14. I agree with the tattoos not matching up with Mercy but I think part of it is to give insight into what will happen in the book.

  15. Rachel, you're right! I love the clues. I noticed the same things you did in the tattoos on the cover of SILVER BORNE. Veeery interesting mash up of symbols. I confess to wondering where things are headed with Stefan. I am an Adam girl all the way, but I do love Stefan and there is clearly a deep connection between them. I love the final scene in BONE CROSSED. Sam really does need to hook up with someone who appreciates him. And I hadn't thought about her dad, but it would definitely make sense to get some dirt on him soon. Hmm...all good thoughts. Thank you!

  16. Ohh this cover is so dang good. I actually really like the direction the last two covers have taken - they just seem so much more 'Mercy' and everything looks a little more spooky which is what I imagine her life to always look like :).

  17. I think this one is my favorite cover so far, actually.

  18. Michelle, so do I. The last two have definitely been more Mercy centric and very evocative. I think this one is particularly spooky and I can't wait to find out what it all means!

    Lisa, awesome. It's so pretty and so well-composed. I'm picturing the look on Adam's face if he saw her standing there just like this... hehehe

  19. Wolf of Soracte8:43 PM

    Hey im a new fan of the mercy thompson books and i have to say that the covers are always sexy and beautiful, but when i saw "silver Borne" my jaw droped. Perfect model, perfect background, perfect everything...oh and on the subject of beautiful things, if that is your picture up thair than you my dear are gorgeous! just wow!

  20. Wolf, I'm with you. This one is particularly gorgeous. I'm so happy you stumbled across the Mercy books and have joined our ranks. And thank you so much for your kind compliment. You've made me smile today. :)

  21. Wolf of Soracte10:33 PM

    Im glad i stumbled on them two. im almost done with "Bone Crossed", i don't know what im going to do until "Silver Borne" comes out and regards to your complement, the pleasures all mine.
    My real name is Matthew Fite, facebook or myspace me...if you want:)

  22. Love the colors (nice reversal from the first book) & that the circle is segmented into 12 districts. I always figured Catching Fire would show Katniss & Co on the tour of other districts learning how the others live and finding pockets of rebellion....


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