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I Can't Help Myself

I have very fond memories of the Sweet Valley High books. For some time, I faithfully trekked to the bookstore every month and purchased the new one along with the latest Nancy Drew Casefile. The Super Thrillers were my favorites. And that's why I'm going to be reading this when it comes out in March:
Ten years later. Oh, the drama!


  1. Oh me too, me too!

  2. Yep, I'll be right there with you!

    I was also a faithful purchaser of the SVH books every month. I still remember how EXCITING it was to see a new one on the shelf in the supermarket.

  3. You're not alone Angie I'm looking forward to the fun of this book! :) Thanks for posting the cover!

  4. I was a bit young for SVH. I did read Sweet Valley Twins, though. I wonder if I'd still get something out of this new book...

  5. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I never read Sweet Valley High. I read The Cheerleaders series. I still regret donating all of them to the library!

    This, however, makes me curious about the series. Such a great idea.


  6. Wow! What a flashback. I devoured Sweet Valley Twins and then moved on to Sweet Valley High. They were the only books I read in school. I didn't discover my love of books until after I graduated College. But the SVT and SVH has a special place in my heart because they were my first.

  7. LOVE Sweet Valley. SVH's were the first books that I read in secret b/c I wasn't really allowed to read them. So scandalous! The board game is also pretty awesome. I can't wait for Ten Years Later :)

  8. Subtitle: SVH meets Girls Gone Wild?

  9. I'm curious too! I grew up reading the Sweet Valley book that my older cousins passed on to me.

  10. Wow, I remember reading a few of these. I always preferred Sweet Valley High to Sweet Valley Twins, but I read very few of the former. I got a couple from the library and was then told I wasn't allowed to read them because I was "too young" for topics like love. By the time I was "old enough" I never ended up reading that many for some reason.

    I do remember regularly watching the TV show when it was on, though.

  11. Oh, I wish you hadn't told me about this. Now *I* might have to read it too.

  12. Honestly this is awesome news! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I am so excited for this one. :D I love that the cover looks like the classic Sweet Valley books too. I still can't let go of my old Sweet Valley books (although most of my collection are Twins and Junior High and oh, Unicorn Club!). One day I'm going to have to let go of them...but maybe after I read this. :D

  14. I LOVE the cover! I can't wait to read this one great find! :)

  15. LOVED Sweet Valley High. Only I didn't buy them, I borrowed from the library. Same with Nancy Drew. I love that there is more SVH to come.

  16. I somehow feel cheated that i never read these books.

  17. Ooh, I loved the Sweet Valley High books. Thanks for the fond memory.

  18. Can't wait for this one! :)

  19. Wow, you guys are making me feel happy and much less alone than I thought I might be! I'm even more excited to get my hands on it.


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