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Jane Blog Tour + Giveaway!

Today I'm thrilled to help kick off the Jane blog tour. Since I've already reviewed the book here and interviewed author April Lindner here, Little, Brown suggested we do a two-book giveaway and I said, You're on! So now's your chance to enter to win one of two copies of the finished book. Those of you who've read my review know just how wild I went over this modern retelling of Jane Eyre and, if you haven't had a chance to read it yet, I highly recommend doing so as soon as is humanly possible. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me your favorite retelling or, if you don't have one, why you want to read Jane. The giveaway will be open for one week and will close at midnight on Monday, November 15th. I'll announce the two winners the next day. This giveaway is open to U.S. addresses only. Please be sure to leave me a way of contacting you.


  1. Jane Eyre is one of the few classics that I could stomach and truly love...I couldn't have been happier when I found out it was being remade into a modern tale, so JANE was a WoW of mine a few months ago. I can't wait to get my paws on it, so please enter me!

    iswimforoceans at gmail dot com

  2. I haven't really read any retelling stories of it. I would like to read this new version. It would be interesting to see it in our time.

  3. My favorite retelling is The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale :)

    crisevert at yahoo dot com

  4. I want to read Jane because I love Jane Eyre and this retelling sounds awesome. One of my favorite retellings is Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    melodiousrevelry (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. oooo, I really enjoyed Juliet Marillier's retelling of Beauty and the Beast in Hearts Blood (granted I didn't connect that it was a retelling until the end) But I did love it. I must say retelling's make me a bit apprehensive. When they're done well, man they're good, and when they're not---ooo sometimes I cringe.

    And from your glowing review of jane I can't wait to read it :D

  6. I think my favorite retelling is Mercedes Lackey's Phoenix and Ashes, which is about Cinderella.

    In general I'm most familiar with fairy tale retellings but I would also recommend Wide Sargasso Sea which is sort of Jane Eyre (it's from Bertha's perspective).

    bookworm1858 AT hotmail DOT com

  7. Oh, I want to read this book! I'm going to have to say my favorite retelling is Beauty by Robin McKinley. I've loved it since I first read it.

  8. My favorite retelling (albeit a loose one) is Bridget Jones's Diary. It was such a funny retelling of Pride and Prejudice.


  9. Beauty and The Beast retellings are always my favorite, like Beastly. Nevermore is kind of a retelling too, I loved that.


  10. I want to read JANE because I am a sad, sad excuse for a reader because I have never even read the original. Please help me right this egregious mistake. :)


    ahoffman1979 at gmail dot com

  11. I am so excited to read Jane. I've read many good reviews on this book.
    Thanks for the chance!

  12. I can only think of film retelling. Clueless and Cruel Intentions being my favourites. And in case they don't count I want to read Jane because I've been reading amazing things about it.

  13. I haven't read too many retellings and I'm so curious as to how April Lindner did with this one. I'd love to read JANE because the original Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books :)


  14. I would have to say The Goose Girl, by Shannon Hale. Although East, by Edith Pattou, comes in a close second. :)

  15. I have heard lots of good things about this book and am anxious to read it -- would it be terrible to admit that I have not yet read the original? (Although it's on my list and I do plan to read it!) I love retellings -- a couple of my favorites are The Goose Girl and Beauty.

  16. My favorite retelling is Ella Enchanted. Thanks for the contest!

  17. This one sounds really good! I haven't read any retellings, yet. I'd like for Jane to be the first, then I'd pass it on to my grandaughter!!

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  18. My favorite retelling is Ash by Malinda Lo (aka Cinderella). It's amazing.

    I really hope I win. Jane Eyre is one of my favorite classics. Thanks for hosting this!


  19. A Curse Dark As Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce is one of my favorite retellings. :)

  20. Oh, how I would love to win this book! My favorite re-telling is probably Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley. (I know that many people prefer McKinley's Beauty -- which I also love -- but Rose Daughter is my favorite.)

    Also -- I just finished Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones, which is a re-telling of the Tam Lin story, and I loved it! Winter Rose by Patricia McKillip and Tam Lin by Pamela Dean are two other versions of the same story -- all three are wonderful, although very different!

    OK, I should probably stop now, because a bunch of other potential favorites are coming to mind. Fingers crossed!

  21. I'm a big fan of the retellings/variations/etc. of Pride and Prejudice that Sourcebooks publishes. I'm still waiting for the day that North and South will get its own! I shall dream.

    melanie at melaniesmusings dot net

  22. Jane Eyre is probably my favorite book ever, so I am so curious about a retelling! I would love to read this!

    nbmars AT yahoo DOT com

  23. It's not a book retelling, but one of my favorites is West Side Story (retelling Romeo and Juliet). Love that music. The only Bronte sisters' story that I ever liked was Jane Eyre so I'd love to win this.


  24. The story of Jane Eyre is such a great one that I am immediately interested in any sort of retelling. The fact that I've heard nothing but good things about this one just increases my interest.

    clementinebojangles at gmail dot com

  25. "Jane Eyre" is one of my all-time favorites. "Jane" has been on my wish list since I read your great review back in August : ) Thanks for this terrific giveaway!

    US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  26. I really love Jane Eyre. I love all the film/miniseries adaptations of the novel. I also really liked Sharon Shinn's retelling: Jenna Starborn, but then, I like just about everything Sharon Shinn writes.

  27. Hi Angie,
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    I would love to read JANE by April Lindner because I have heard such great feedback about this modern retelling of Jane Eyre and since I have never read Jane Eyre or any other version of the original story {hides face in shame} ... I think reading this book would be the perfect way to get my feet wet with Jane Eyre. Who knows? Maybe it will inspire me to read the original?

  28. I'm super excited to read this book! I just found your site and already love it! Thanks for the great suggestions!

  29. My favorite retelling is Juliet Marillier's Daughter of the Forest.
    Jane Eyre is one of my all time favorites and I've been anxiously waiting for Jane to come in at my library. Can't wait to read it.

  30. I would like to read Jane because of all the enthusiast responses I've seen in the blogosphere, your review included.

  31. I love the Bronte's original so I curious to see how Lindner modernize the story plus Jane as a younger girl with a rock star Rochester - that is unexpected for me

  32. I think that I need to give Jane a chance, even though the original wasn't my think. But, if there is no red room, then I think I could get on board.

  33. I would love to read this book because Jane Eyre is my favorite classic book. I have heard this is a great retelling and I would love to read it for myself :)

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  34. I took Dr. Lindner for two courses and she as also my advisor for my senior thesis. I have never read her stuff before and would HIGHLY enjoy reading Jane!!

  35. I love remakes of old classics :)

  36. Oh golly. I heart this book so much. And yes, I want that lovely finished copy so dang badly.

    Of course this is expected, but my favorite retelling is BEAUTY. *big sigh*

  37. oh, it's totally embarassing to admit that i've even read this book, but i'd have to say my favorite "retelling," if you can even call it that, was "captain wentworth's diary" by amanda grange. it was "persuasion" from wentworth's point of view, rather than anne's.

  38. The other Jane Eyre retelling, Wide Sargasso Sea, is really intriguing. Not my favorite ever, but definitely eye opening. Made me look at Jane Eyre in a new light. Looking forward to seeing how Jane impacts my view of the original!

  39. I love to read retellings of classics and would love to win this giveaway.
    Love & Hugs,

  40. I recently read the Jane Eyre graphic novel, and I would dearly love to read a retelling of the original, which is a beloved book to me.

  41. Anonymous12:07 PM

    I've never read a version of Jane Eyre, but I've seen a movie and would love the chance to read it!

  42. I'd like to read Jane because it's been getting amazing reviews and I'd like to see what April Lindner's take on the original is like. renahe_90(AT)hotmail(DOT)com

  43. My favorite retelling is Beastly by Alex Flinn. It is Beauty and the Beast modernized from the Beasts POV. Please enter me in the Jane Contest I would love to read it. you can contact me at

  44. My favorite spin off is a retelling of my favorite classic story Little Women. The Little Women and Werewolves is and epic classic in the making.

  45. I'm going to pick Ella Enchanted not only because it is a lovely adaptation of Cinderella but also because reading it brings back fond memories. My younger sister read it to me when the two of us were on a road trip home from college. She did voices and everything. We giggled most at the deep voice she chose for Olive who is continually commanding Ella to "make me a white cake." As today is my sister's birthday this choice seems particularly perfect.

    Although not a retelling in the strictest sense The Eyre Affair is also a marvelously fun read. You have to love a book where one of the main characters states that "Jane Eyre is for all time."

    Gmail: jolee.stephens or contact me on goodreads.

  46. Jane Eyre is my favorite book of all time. I read it when I was eleven, then I read it again, and again and again. I am now sixteen, so as you can imagine the book is worn and old but I still love it to pieces.

    I want, no I have, to read Jane because I've been waiting for a YA contemp retelling of Jane Eyre for so long.

    Plus, I've heard so many great things about it.


  47. ice by sarah beth durst is a really good retelling, recently a new favorite.

    x_goodie_x AT hotmail DOT com

  48. I just heard about Jane today and was really intrigued by the idea. I love classics and rock music so I really hope I won this book. But if not, that's okay because I'll go buy it ASAP. :)


  49. My favorite fairytale is Beauty & the Beast, but my favorite retelling is Shannon Hale's THE GOOSE GIRL. And I would love to read JANE because I adored Jane Eyre and am excited to read this retelling. :)

    emyshinmail [at] gmail [dot] com

  50. I want to read it because I simply loved Jane Eyre. It's one of my favorite classics!

    magabygc AT

  51. Hmmmm. I can't think of a retelling that I've read. However in the area of movies, I love Drew Barrymore's "Ever After" remake of Cinderella!

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

  52. I don't think I've ever ready any retellings, actually. OH WAIT! of course i do. the percy jackson series! yeah, it's not strictly a retelling, but the closest from what ive read! im reading jane eyre at the moment, and would totallay love to read the contemporary version. i mean come on, a rockstar in the place of rochester? wow.

  53. i forgots to leave my contact info. here it is: aleeza876 AT yahoo DOT com

  54. Looking back, I actually can't think of many retellings that I've read, but I absolutely loved Bridget Jones's Diary!

    a.d.malouin [at] gmail [dot] com

  55. Tiffany M.5:18 PM

    I enjoyed Jenna Starborn by Sharon Shinn. It was pretty entertaining and the prose was pretty.

  56. Jane Eyre is my favorite book of all time. I would love to read "Jane" because I have yet to find a re-telling that even came close to capturing me as emotionally and completely as the original. However I did like "Wide Sargasso Sea". Thanks for the giveaway!

    stilettostorytime at gmail dot com

  57. I can't think of any retellings I've read (though I know there must be some), but I really want to read this book because I loved Jane Eyre. I'm planning on rereading it soon (it's a winter book for me). I'd love to have a chance to read this retelling!

    sarahdc22 (at) gmail (dot) com


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