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Thursday Giggles: Thorin Dreamboatshield Version

We are on a Richard Armitage run over here. I make no apologies. But I would not be a true fan (of the Armitage or of Sarah Rees Brennan) if I didn't direct you to her brilliantly nerdy parody of the film version of The Hobbit entitled Thorin Dreamboatshield: an Unexpected Hotness of Dwarves. It's good to be the dwarf king . . .


  1. That was so funny. I also liked the movie but saw its flaws and am wondering how they are going to get 2 more movies out of the book. However, Richard Armitage is quite hot even as a dwarf so I'll be there. :)

    1. I agree. It still feels like the 3-film stretch was the wrong call.

      But I never object to another 3 hours of Richard Armitage. No, I don't.

  2. A Richard Armitage run is a very good thing. And yes, I also wonder how they'll milk three movies of The Hobbit. But as long as we can look forward to Richard, I'm okay with that.

    1. Isn't it, though? :)

      Yep, I'll be seeing each one as it comes out.

  3. Um mine. No one else's.

    1. Surely we can share, Katie. We've managed to with Warner after all . . .

  4. Thank you, I laughed and laughed!

  5. Anonymous3:39 PM

    I read this and laughed so hard and LOVED it so hard as well. DREAMBOATSHIELD FOR SURE!! <3 Alyssa

    1. So did I, Alyssa. I kept trying to quote bits to my husband but was giggling too hard to deliver them properly.


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